Frequently asked questions


What is ozonated organic cold pressed extra virgin olive oil?

Ozonated organic cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil is increasingly recognized for its potential cosmetic benefits, making it a sought-after ingredient in skincare products. The ozonation process is believed to enhance the oil's antimicrobial properties, making it effective against bacteria and fungi that may contribute to skin issues. Additionally, the oil's rich content of antioxidants, such as vitamin E and polyphenols, can provide anti-aging benefits by combating free radicals, which are associated with premature skin aging.

The cold-pressed extraction method preserves the oil's natural goodness, ensuring a nutrient-rich product that deeply moisturizes the skin. This oil is known for its non-comedogenic properties, meaning it can hydrate without clogging pores, making it suitable for various skin types. Regular application of ozonated organic cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil may contribute to a smoother, more supple complexion, helping to soothe and nourish the skin.

While individual experiences may vary, many people incorporate this oil into their skincare routines for its natural and potentially revitalizing effects. As with any skincare product, it's advisable to perform a patch test and consult with dermatologists to ensure compatibility with individual skin types.

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What is hydrocolloid?

Hydrocolloid is a versatile material that has found application in the field of skincare due to its various cosmetic benefits. In skincare products, hydrocolloid is often used in the form of dressings, patches, or gels. One of its primary cosmetic benefits is its ability to create a protective barrier over the skin.

This barrier helps to lock in moisture, preventing dehydration and promoting a more hydrated and supple complexion. One notable application of hydrocolloid in cosmetics is in acne patches. These patches are designed to adhere to the skin and are often transparent, making them discreet and suitable for daytime use.

Hydrocolloid dressings have an absorptive property, which means they can absorb excess fluid, such as pus or oil, from acne lesions. This not only helps to keep the affected area clean but also promotes a faster healing process, reducing inflammation and the risk of scarring. Furthermore, hydrocolloid patches can act as a physical barrier, protecting blemishes from external irritants and preventing the urge to pick or touch the affected area.

By maintaining a moist environment, hydrocolloid can contribute to a more favorable wound healing environment, potentially minimizing the appearance of scars. In addition to its role in acne care, hydrocolloid is also utilized in various skincare products, such as wound dressings and blister pads, due to its moisture-retaining and protective properties. While individual experiences may vary, the cosmetic benefits of hydrocolloid make it a popular choice in the formulation of skincare products aimed at promoting skin health and accelerating the healing process for various skin concerns.

Is slaydot.™ Ozone patch really that unique?

Introducing slaydot.™ — the groundbreaking hydrocolloid patch that makes history as the world's first to be coated with ozonated organic cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil. So revolutionary in the skincare realm, we've patented the process (patent pending). While ozonated organic cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil has long been valued in skincare, its application was often messy, and the ozone odor deterred many.

With slaydot.™, the hydrocolloid efficiently absorbs the ozonated olive oil, delivering it seamlessly like any standard hydrocolloid patch. This marks a breakthrough in skincare, marrying the benefits of ozonated organic olive oil with the convenience of a patch, setting a new standard in skincare innovation.

Why does slaydot.™ Ozone patch slay the competition?

Crafted in the USA in a FDA registered facility and distinguished by its unique composition, our hydrocolloid patch features ozonated organic cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil, setting it apart from the rest. Free from harsh chemicals or drying formulas, it ensures skin stays nourished and protected. Gentle even on sensitive skin, this patch acts as a barrier against germs and bacteria, aiding in the prevention of blemishes and potential scarring.

Its visible transformation from transparent to white signals its efficacy, while the ease of use, compact size, and portability make it a practical addition to your skincare routine. Rest assured, it is 100% safe and FDA-approved, meeting the highest standards of quality. Plus, it's safe for use by pregnant women and nursing moms, providing a versatile solution for various skincare needs.

Does slaydot.™ test on animals?

Certainly not! slaydot.™ Ozone patch is committed to cruelty-free and vegan-friendly practices, and it is also latex-free. Our stance against animal testing is unwavering, with a policy that extends globally—we neither conduct tests on animals nor collaborate with suppliers or manufacturers who engage in such practices. Our product line is a manifestation of our core values, rooted in the principle that prioritizing good skin should not come at the ethical cost of harming animals.

How do I use slaydot.™ Ozone patch?

To begin, cleanse and dry the blemish and its surrounding area thoroughly. Place a slaydot.™ Ozone patch directly onto the blemish, leaving it on until the sticker becomes opaque white, typically around six-to-eight hours. If any pus remains in the pimple after removing the patch, it can be replaced with a new one. slaydot.™ Ozone patch is safe for use both overnight and during the day.

Can I put makeup over my slaydot.™ Ozone patch?

The slaydot.™ Ozone patches thin, translucent design is meticulously crafted to seamlessly blend in with your skin. Applying makeup over it serves as an excellent method to further conceal its presence. A small dab of concealer should effectively camouflage it completely.

Is slaydot.™ safe during pregnancy and breast feeding?

Absolutely! slaydot.™ is free from harsh chemicals, making it an ideal acne spot treatment for pregnant women. Nevertheless, we advise consulting with your doctor, as every pregnancy is unique.